September 9, 2016

My Priorities

Jobs, Wages, and Talent

We all know Michiganders are talented, hard-working people. Let’s make sure the world knows it. Let’s make sure that Michigan is the place to be for 21st Century jobs.

In Michigan, we don’t just make cars and trucks and cereal. We make the vehicles of the future, we make the most important meals of the day, we make opportunity.

Let’s make sure everyone has a place at the table. Let’s make sure everyone who wants a job can have one. Let’s make sure it’s a good one, one that pays enough to make happy, healthy, prosperous families.

Education for the Future – And Not Just for Kids

Everyone agrees we need to do more to prepare our kids for the future. Let’s get to work.

We need a pre-school to career education system that takes kids from wherever they are to wherever they want to be. This means making sure our teachers and all school personnel are well-trained and well-paid. It means families have access to pre-school and child care when they need it. It means everyone can afford college.

It also means we need to provide training and education for people to change careers when they need to, maybe because the job they worked for decades is now obsolete, or because they see new opportunities for entrepreneurship and making their own way.

Fix. The. Roads. (And other stuff, too.)

Slam into a few potholes today? Me too.

The condition of our roads and bridges isn’t just a joke, it’s costing us all real money. And every year that goes by that the government fails to get serious about solutions, it costs us more. Let’s stop failing. Let’s make sure we have roads to be proud of, instead of being a laughing stock.

Let’s make sure we have roads and bridges that don’t give us headaches to drive on, that provide businesses the means to get their goods to market efficiently, that our kids can ride their bikes on.

And let’s make sure the Great Lakes State has the best and safest water in the world. To drink, to swim, to enjoy.