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Jim Haadsma

Representative MI State House District 62

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Meet Jim Haadsma

State Representative Jim Haadsma is a native of Muskegon who has lived in Battle Creek since 1994. In his 36 years as a lawyer specializing in labor relations and workers’ compensation, Jim has always fought for hardworking people and their families to ensure equal opportunity for all. As State Representative for District 62, he has continued that work.

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Jim’s Priorities

COVID-19 has thrown new challenges at our community — but it has also exacerbated many existing problems the hardworking people of District 62 have faced for years.

Creating Jobs and Economic Equity

Everyone should have access to good-paying jobs that allow them to earn a good living, raise a family, and retire. Those jobs are harder and harder to come by.

COVID-19 has only made this more difficult. I will help our community safely return to work and get the support they need until they can do so.

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Fighting for Equal Education

COVID-19 has set our children months behind in their education. But even before this pandemic, our schools faced challenges.

I will work to ensure our public schools have the resources they need to teach our children and teachers are paid the competitive salaries they deserve.

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Investing in Affordable Health Care

Medical treatment is costly, and many can’t afford deductibles or copays. The Medicaid expansion has provided lifesaving coverage for our community.

I will continue the work to expand Medicaid coverage and ensure everyone has access to affordable, quality care.

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