February 23, 2016

Why I’m Running

I’ve worked my whole adult life for one thing: to make sure people in my community all get a fair shot at success for themselves and their families. That’s the work of state government, and I’m asking you to help put me there.

As a lawyer here in our community, I’ve fought for hard-working people and their families, so they could provide for each other and put food on the table.

As your county commissioner, I made sure that our local government kept you, the people, as its number one priority.

As a father, I’ve tried to teach my children the importance of giving back, of recognizing that we’re all in this together and we should help each other when we can. I’ve tried to lead by example – I long ago lost count of the boards and committees and organizations I’ve served on, just to make sure as many people as possible are getting what they need to thrive.

But we need to do more than just serve, more than just sit in committee meetings, more than just talk.

We need to get things done.

People in the 62nd District work hard. I see it every day. I also see the jobs where they work disappearing. I see the leftover jobs paying less. I see people disappointed that their schools and neighborhoods aren’t what they used to be. I see people still treated unfairly just for how they were born.

We can do better.

We need people in Lansing who can see our communities for what they really are: beautiful places of tremendous opportunity, but places that need help. Places that need a government that cares about them and takes their problems seriously. Places that need representatives who have the experience to get things done.

We don’t need more talk in Lansing. We need people who know what it means to work hard, to be there for each other, and to get things done.

I’m asking today for your vote, and for your help. You can help by volunteering, making a donation, hosting a yard sign, or even just making sure all your friends vote.

Please help today.

Thank You,