Jobs and Economy
Despite the rosy economic forecasts, anyone who has truly spent time in the 62nd House District knows that our middle-class families are hurting. Our tax credits have evaporated, our small businesses are shrinking and parents with young children wonder how they’ll be able to afford sending their kids to college. While families struggle to make ends meet, Lansing politicians are giving tax breaks to big corporations, meaning that Michigan’s economy is only working for the wealthy and well-connected. Calhoun County needs someone willing to stand up for its families, who will make sure that we’re bringing quality jobs with good wages and benefits back into the district. As your state representative, I will fight to protect the middle class and rebuild our economy.

When it comes to schooling, it is important to remember that not only do we want to see our children learn and grow, we’re also helping to train Michigan’s workforce of tomorrow. That’s why it’s important that we provide quality education to our children at every available opportunity, from pre-school to graduation, paving the way toward the bright future they all deserve. This also includes supports for higher education, whether it means going to a traditional four-year university or finding the down payment for a vocational program. As your state representative, I will be committed to protecting the right of every child and young adult to find and receive the world-class education they need to help make them the leaders of tomorrow.

It’s no secret that Michigan’s roads and bridges are collapsing. The roads plan signed into law in 2015 will barely make a dent in the list of massive repairs needed, and will not even be fully funded until 2021. As we’ve also seen with the Flint water crisis, it is not merely our transportation infrastructure that is crumbling. It’s time for us to heavily invest in these projects, as they will not only create jobs today, but ensure the health and safety of Michigan residents tomorrow. As your state representative, I will make repairing and improving these vital infrastructure components a top priority.