Jim Haadsma

Hello, I’m Jim Haadsma.

As a proud member of this great community for the past 21 years, I’m running for State Representative to continue to fight for middle class families in House District 62.

Whether in my role as a Calhoun County Commissioner, or as an attorney specializing in labor relations and workers’ compensation, I have fought to ensure every family succeeds and our local economy thrives.

I will not stop fighting for you in Lansing.

I’m running for this seat to support my friends, my neighbors, my town, my family, and my community. Our kids deserve an education that prepares them for the best jobs of the future. You deserve roads that are not crumbling so you can get to work each day. Seniors deserve economic security in their retirement. And families deserve tax relief and some extra money in their pocket to take the family to the ballgame.

I want to be your voice in Lansing. Together, let’s work to improve our community and make Calhoun County a great place to live and work.

This morning I went to church, and the preacher invoked lyrics from Prince: "I only wanted to see you laughing / In the purple rain."
Then Dr. Bizon, accompanied by his aide Karen Todd, Terris Todd's wife, popped in, to present and read a resolution, in church.
I thought of the spiritual, social, and political leadership vacuum in this community.
I considered the reading from Psalm 100 early in the service: "Enter into God's gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise."
Then I left the building.
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Last evening I sat and listened to a chorus of bullfrogs.
It's remarkably calming.
Political chatter sets my teeth on edge.
But, I considered, if we just go away, and let these thugs do whatever they will, without pushback, then there won't be a bullfrogs chorus for my great-grandchildren - or even my grandchildren - to hear.
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The W.K. Kellogg Foundation today announced a $51 million dollar grant over 5 years to the Battle Creek Public Schools.
Just in the nick of time.
Thank you!
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More news on Battle Creek's retail front: the downtown K-Mart today announced that it's closing its pharmacy by May 15.
Yesterday the same downtown store laid off its store manager.
A lot of that store's customers don't have cars to take them to a pharmacy on Columbia Avenue.
Battle Creek needs a heart shock paddles stimulation we can't get from present local and state leadership.
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Some guy today asked me, "Isn't Johnny Cash the Drain Commissioner around here, for like the last ten years?"
And they call it democracy.
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Please take the time to attend this important event tomorrow evening, Wed., April 26, 2017, at 7pm, at the KCC Battle Creek campus. ... See MoreSee Less

Rebuilding Michigan: Preparing for Midterm Elections

April 26, 2017, 7:00pm

Join us on April 26th at KCC in the Kellogg Room. The CCDP monthly meeting will feature State Representative David LaGrand presenting "Rebuilding Michigan: Preparing for Midterm Elections" David will share an overview of the political landscape for 2018 and useful actions to work on now in order to lay a strong foundation for the next elections.

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They tell me that Tea Partier Justin Amash is coming to Pennfield tomorrow for a town-hall meeting.
Here's a guy who's spent most of his working life in government, coming to town to tell us how to keep government out of our lives.
I'd rather read Thoreau (which is really dull, too.)
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Somebody phoned me today, and said, "I'm in some trouble, I believe, and the only person I knew to contact was you."
"Did you consider Dr. Bizon?" I asked.
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I read this week that Norway is now the happiest place in the world.
This happiness is associated with high per capita incomes and very little income disparity.
I thought about Norway, Michigan, and about Michigan, and then about Beecher, and the Post Addition, and the Battle Creek Country Club, and Grand Blanc, and the Buick Open.
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This will be a relevant topical meeting.
Dayton, Ohio has brought neighborhoods back with this initiative.
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Welcoming Cities & Sanctuary Cities: What does it all mean?

March 22, 2017, 7:00pm

Join us on March 22nd in the Davidson Auditorium(D201), at the Davidson Visual and Performing Arts Center. The CCDP monthly meeting will feature Battle Creek City Commissioner Kate Flores presenting "Welcoming Cities and Sanctuary Cities: What does it all mean?" In April of 2016, Battle Creek City Commissioners voted to make Battle Creek officially a "Welcoming City" for immigrants and refugees. What does that mean? How is a welcoming city different from a sanctuary city? What is expected in regard to immigrants in Calhoun County with the new executive orders? How can immigrants stay safe? There will be time for Q&A, so bring out a friend or two, and come join the discussion!

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Paid for by: Committee To Elect Jim Haadsma
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